Saturday, July 30, 2016

Football & Cheer

              Middle Township Jr. Panthers Football & Cheer 
                   P.O. Box 904 Rio Grande, NJ 08242
Please check the entire page if, you have questions:

         2018 CAJFL Champions JV Division


                                        "2017" JV Division Champions

'2016' Pee Wee Division Champions

2018   Celebration 


                           2018   Team Photos



                     2018 Season

Football: Monday ,Tuesday,Thursday 
                6:00PM -8:00PM

Cheer:   Monday & Thursday
               6:00PM -7:30PM    

                              Goshen Sports Complex

         Don't Just , Wish you were a Panther ! __________________________________________________________                                                       2017 Pic's


 The Home of the Cape Atlantic League

     2018 Jr. Varsity Division "Champions"

  The Home of the CAJFL 2017 

" Pee Wee Division "Champions"

       Our Panther's Cheerleaders !

Contact Information of our Coaching Staff:     (Varsity) Head Coach, Phil Morse  (609)-827-7174             (Junior Varsity) Head Coach, Leon Linthicum  (609)-224-3817           (Pee Wee) Head Coach, Sam Caraballo (609)374-2457          (Taxi)  Head Coach, Shaun Tangree  (609)-536-0172            (Cheer Director) Director, Chelsie Nicholas (609)305-2657    (Cheer) Danielle Bryant  (609)231-7672


"Facebook"  Most of the information that the program is involved in it on the Facebook page,and  additional info Friend us. 


Or Contact me 

Jeff McCart @ President



Finally, 3 man & 5 Man Sled are recovered and ready..


             1st Annual Bonfire @ National Night Out !

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